Veganman Game

Veganman is an interactive drag-and-drop game developed to help learners discover which popular products are vegan and which ones have ingredients derived from animals. The ultimate take-home message is to check the ingredients list on prepackaged food, as it’s not always obvious what’s inside!

The progress bar at the top of each question allows users to track how far along they are in the game, and the percentage of correct answers is calculated and revealed at the end.

I pulled the original product images from their product websites and gave them a retro comic book edit using the online editor, Pixlr. I also created the Veganman character with this tool using stock Spiderman images as a base.

The objective tone of the writing is intentional. The ingredient information revealed in the question feedback is straightforwardly provided, with no criticism of the products that are not vegan. It puts the onus on the user to judge and decide for themselves.

Tools Used: Storyline 360 & Pixlr

You can experience the game for yourself by clicking here.