Rumie Learning Design

The Rumie Initiative is a non-profit tech organization that makes learning as accessible, interactive, and easy as social media.

As a volunteer Learning Designer with Rumie, I planned, researched, designed, and authored micro-learning (<10 minutes) experiences known as Bytes that are shared globally and focus primarily on soft skills acquisition.

I also created media and illustrations to support learning content, including memes and gifs to make learning experiences more relatable to teen and young adult audiences.

Bytes are approachable and memorable learning experiences because they are written in a casual conversational tone. They distill an abundance of information, that is often complex, into a compact, LO-focused chunk that satisfies short attention spans.

Bytes keep it to the point. They are engaging, interactive, and provide immediately actionable steps.

Tools Used: Rumie-Build & Pixlr

Explore my authored Bytes on the Rumie website by clicking here.

Massive kudos for dealing with a tough subject that managed to balance humour with sensitivity.

Steve Birek, Content Producer at Rumie

LOVED this wisdom Byte… Super relatable/well-grounded examples – And your use of the Think About It Meme made me laugh because of how sad/true it is.

Sam Zimmer, Director of Learning and Operations at Rumie