Vivo Loose Parts Play Kits

Loose Parts Play is a type of play that combines ordinary objects with imagination to create extraordinary child-driven experiences. There is no specific goal or function — just play!

Vivo developed Loose Parts Play Kits as a way for families to participate in unstructured outdoor play, like they could at Vivo’s recreation centre, while also adhering to physical distancing restrictions.

One of the challenges of not having a specific set of directions is that it can be confusing and even overwhelming to get started using the Loose Parts Play Kits. I consulted with the marketing team to find an instructional solution that would help families get started with Loose Parts Play — without directly telling them what to do.

I designed the Let Loose Game as a way for players to take action with loose parts by randomly selecting play prompts. These actionable prompts (that were also printed on stickers) spark ideas and through their execution, help children to develop their creativity, imagination, engineering, and problem-solving abilities.

You can learn more about the kits by clicking here, and download the game here.